The Anita Blake Series
By Laurell K. Hamilton

Book review by Jaye
Copyright © 2005 by Jaye

          Don't read these unless you like a certain amount of violence, blood and gore, and a lot of passionate sex. (There's almost no sex in the early books, but by the later ones, it's all over the place.).  Anita Blake is a vampire hunter -- in fact she's the official vampire executioner for a three state area.  She can't kill them without a court order since this is an alternate universe United States where all types of preternatural beings have legal rights. She liked it better back before the law was passed -- it made her job easier.

          Sounds straightforward, right?  It would be -- except that she's falling in love with Jean-Claude, the Master vampire of St. Louis. (This series started LONG before Buffy!)  Then she meets and falls in love with Richard, the Alpha werewolf of St. Louis.  Which one can she give up?  Or can she keep them both?

          She has her own code of honor, and she cannot stand Jean-Claude because she has this prejudice that vampires have no code of honor -- he's a vampire -- therefore he has no code of honor. Then she starts getting to know him better, and she finds that although his morality is very different from that of mortals, it is there.  She loves Richard for his code of honor -- but as she gets to know him better, she starts realizing that his staunch code of honor is going to get himself and his friends -- who are rapidly becoming HER friends, too -- killed! So she gets to start practicing error recovery techniques!  In fact, error recovery techniques is almost all Anita Blake does.  And they lead to riproaring chases through all kinds of monsters, undead creepy crawlies, you name it.

          Reading and rereading these books has helped me face identity particles in myself that I really haven't wanted to, as Anita faces her identity particles.  Particles that scared me.  The dark, crawly underside of myself.  This is a series that a lot of people may want to steer clear of.  It's classified horror, but it's actually intimate adventure with blood and gore overlaid. I've never had nightmares from it, but I've gotten goosebumps. Try it -- if you dare.

          Blessings on you, and on your house.

The books:

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