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Photo - Our house in Berlin.

Our house in Berlin. That's me in the aqua jacket behind the car. We lived in Berlin in the winter of '77.

Photo - The Great Stalacpipe Organ.

Stalacpipe: The Great Stalacpipe Organ at Luray Caverns. Luray was on “You Asked for It” when I was seven years old, and I fulfilled my dream of seeing it when I was 28. The stalactites and stalagmites have been tuned to musical notes, and are played by strikers. You stand underground and listen to the world’s largest “organ” played around you. Incredible!

Shenandoah”       America”       Angels We Have Heard On High

You can visit their website at www.luraycaverns.com.

Photo - Santa and Me.

Santa and me. Someone dared me to give this to my folks for Christmas one year. My folks were not amused, but it's one of my favorite photos.

Photo - Mazatlan Cuisine, time to make dinner.

Mazatlan Cuisine. Time to make dinner, even in Mazatlan. My boyfriend and I took a motorcycle trip down Baja and across to Mexico proper in 1981 -- one of the high points of my life. This was a peaceful moment in the trip.

Photo - Me standing by the Tropic of Cancer sign.

Crossing the Tropic of Cancer outside of Mazatlan. Proof I'd been in the Tropics.

Photo - Peaches the ocelat and me.

Peaches the ocelot lived at the wild feline breeding place where I volunteered. She loved to suck people's fingers.

Photo - Apple Valley Airport sign in Minnesota.

Apple Valley Airport sign in Minnesota. I loved the sign.

Photo - Sunny and I up in the mountains.

My best friend Sunny and I in a relaxing moment in the mountains near home.

Photo - the Tarantula on my face.

Tarantula Face.
We found this tarantula on the road one winter day. I love tarantulas. The United States variety is harmless. It’s a big, furry pet. The males leave their burrows in winter to seek mates. The females stay home to receive them. The males mate and then die. This was a male.

Photo - Jaye and Julia at Jaye's flying lesson.

My flying lesson with Julia.

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